Did You Know...?

  • Over 60% of falls occur at home — with the majority in the bathroom
  • One-third of people 65+ fall every year.
  • Falls are the most common cause of injuries and hospital admissions for people who are 65+.

If you have a medical condition, mobility or equilibrium issues:

  • De-clutter your space, making sure it is well lit.
  • Try to keep all surfaces as dry as possible.
  • Get a Grip! Use a grab bar wherever you need support.
  • Use a tub rail or transfer bench to get into the tub.
  • Use a bath chair or stool to sit on while bathing.
  • Use a handheld shower with an extra long hose to wash.
  • A bath mat can provide a large, slip-proof surface.
  • Consider a toilet safety rail for added support (or a stand-alone model that folds to put away when others use the bathroom).

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