In order to enhance your daily quality of life and provide a means for continued independence, you may need to consider using a cane, a walker, a rollator, a wheelchair or even a scooter (or a combination of these products). These products will also help prevent falls and accidents.

If you’re recovering from an injury or have mobility or equilibrium issues:

  • Most mobility products now come in attractive colors.
  • “Glowing” canes now make it easier to walk at night!
  • If you are traveling or need to go to the doctor or shopping, you can simply take a folding cane, lightweight walker or transport chair!
  • Lightweight transport chairs are great for travel, plus save your spouse’s or caregiver’s backs wherever you go.
  • It is NOT safe to use your rollators as transport chairs! There are now Combo (2-in-1) products that safely address both needs.

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