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These Nimbo Bumper Guards will keep your walls and furniture scratch free! By attaching the bumper guards to the Nimbo walker, collisions impact the bumper instead of the aluminum frame which would normally have left a mark.Nimbo Bumper Guards Attachment, 1 Pair
The Nimbo Dial - A - Speed Tabs can set a variable resistance on the speed of the wheel independent of each other. This will help align an asymmetrical gait pattern and keep your loved one from turning due to walking quicker from one side.
Non-Swivel Wheels can be added to the Nimbo Lightweight Gait Trainer. These restrict the movement of the Gait Trainer to allow the user to walk in a straight line.Nimbo Non-Swivel Front Wheels, 1 Pair
Soft Fabric Kit for Otter Pediatric Bathing System model# OT 2000. The Soft Otter Bath Chair Fabric has some give for greater comfort. It comes complete with trunk straps and leg straps and has extra padding between fabric and chair frame.
The pelvic stabilizer is the ideal solution for Wenzelite Nimbo walker users who have an asymmetrical posture when standing and walking, which prevents them from staying centered in the walker. The stabilizer provides comfortable back and lateral pads and is width adjustable.Pelvic Stabilizer for Wenzelite Nimbo Posterior Walker
Tie downs allow the Wenzelite Trotter Mobility Stroller to be safely used for bus transit. The tie downs provide a strong point to secure the wheelchair to the bus.Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller Bus Transit Tie Downs, 2 Pairs

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