Bamboo Baby Wipes Gift Set, box



Expiration: May 5, 2023

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Gift Set is the perfect baby shower gift, featuring the essentials for a brand-new baby from the expert in natural and organic baby skincare, Aleva Naturals. Includes:Bamboo Baby Wipes - 1 pack (80 Wipes)Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipes - 1 Pack (30 Wipes)Bamboo Baby Hand 'n' Face Wipes- 1 Pack (30 Wipes)Bamboo Baby Tooth 'n' Gums - 1 Pack (30 Wipes)Please note all wipes are made in China.

Bamboo Baby® Wipes - 1 pack (80 Wipes) Bamboo Baby® Pacifier & Toy Wipes - 1 Pack (30 Wipes) Bamboo Baby® Hand 'n' Face Wipes - 1 Pack (30 Wipes) Bamboo Baby® Tooth 'n' Gums - 1 Pack (30 Wipes)

About the Brand: Aleva Naturals range of Maternity and Baby skincare products was developed by a Naturopath, Herbalist and Pharmacist. This unique product range was specially formulated with Pure, Natural and Safe ingredients that deliver therapeutic results and are pH balanced to be gentle on baby's eyes and mild on the most sensitive skin.
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