Beard Grooming Kit - EucalyptusLime, 5-pack



Expiration: January 1, 2023

Always Bearded Lifestyle Beard Grooming Kit wakes up your beard with a crisp blend of eucalyptus, lime and pine scotch needle essential oils, providing a scent that is truly refreshing yet very clean. Need the perfect gift for a special bearded someone? Why not get everything you need for proper beard grooming in one shot? Take advantage of this beard essentials pack which has five items from Always Bearded Lifestyle.

Anti-Static Man Sized Maple Beard Comb: Daily combing helps to train hair to lay down better. This comb also helps to distribute product more evenly throughout beard hairEucalyptus + Lime Beard Shampoo and Conditioner: Cleans and conditions facial skin and beard hairEucalyptus + Lime  Beard Oil: Conditioning oil to soften and moisturize skin and beard hairEucalyptus + Lime  Beard Balm: Styling and volumized structure aid for unruly beard hairEucalyptus + Lime  Moustache Wax: Wax to help keep unruly or drooping moustaches.

  • Vary per product

    Ingredients vary as per product

    About the Brand: Canada's premiere manufacturer of natural men's grooming products designed specifically for beards. With a diverse line of products for men with scruff all the way to men with large beards, there is a product for everyone. Have a better smelling, more manageable, and all around more comfortable beard.
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