Propolis Throat Spray for Kids, 30ml



Expiration: December 1, 2020

A kid-friendly duo that's naturally tough on germs but soothing on sore throats. Straight from the hive, propolis helps the immune system fight off tough bugs, while naturally antiviral buckwheat honey delivers a dose of cold-crushing antioxidants. Runny noses have finally met their match.

Immune SupportSore Throat ReliefPaleoKid Approved TasteAll NaturalAntioxidantsAntibacterial & Antiviral

Bee Propolis Extract, Raw Buckwheat Honey, Non GMO vegetable glycerin & Purified Water

Children 2-12 years: 4 sprays (0. 5ml) 2 time(s) per dayCaution: Prior to first dose, administer 1 spray to child and monitor closely for signs of an allergic response (e. g. Rash, swelling, trouble breathing).

  • The is 4 sprays, 2 times per day.
  • Prior to the first dose, have your child try 1 spray and monitor closely for any signs of an allergic response.

    Bee propolis extract, buckwheat honey, non-GMO vegetable glycerin and purified water.

    About the Brand: Beekeeper's Naturals is an innovative wellness company grounded in a bee-driven cause. Using superfoods from the beehive-like royal jelly and propolis, the beekeeper-led team is committed to providing the most potent, all-natural solutions to modern health issues—like brain fog, stress support, and immunity. They apply scientific rigor to their product development and are dedicated to third-party pesticide testing to ensure they’re creating powerful natural wellness solutions that actually deliver.
    Click to call: (844) 225-5608

    DIN: 80082434

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