Brush with Bamboo Childrens Size, 1in x 6.75in



Expiration: March 1, 2023
  • Soft plant-based bristles made from a vegetable oil base (USA made)
  • Wild-harvested bamboo handle
  • Compostable plant-based packaging
  • Lasts just as long as plastic toothbrush

    Brush with Bamboo's Kids 4-pack includes 4 kids sized bamboo toothbrushes. Every part of this product is plant-based: bristles, handle, wrapper, and box. Soft bristles are made from a base of 62% castor bean oil and are made in USA. The handle is made from 100 percent bamboo (wild harvested). The wrapper around the toothbrush is plant-based and commercially compostable. The box encasing the toothbrush is made from paper - no tape or glue is used. Your bamboo toothbrushes can be used for just as long as plastic toothbrushes. USA certified. Green America certified. BPA-free. Vegan. Note: Many adults prefer to use a smaller toothbrush. This toothbrush can be used by adults too.

    Bamboo handle castor bean bristle.(only Organic, Wild, Giant Chinese Moso Bamboo is used in our handle which is NOT a food source of the Panda). NO PESTICIDES, or fertilizers are ever used on our Bamboo

    About the Brand: Brush With Bamboo offered by KMH Touches is a forward thinking eco dental, innovative force. Our goal is to place a bamboo toothbrush in the hands of every Canadian. Which we hope will reflect more thoughtful choices in their day to day lives. We offer only the best eco friendly products. With our Castor Bean Bristle, Brush with Bamboo is the superior choice for the enviro friendly buyer. Made up of 62% Castor Bean OIL - not seed - BWB is the most biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush on the Market today. Soft comfortable bristles make our brush irreplaceable and should be stored in open air for optimal performance. Also available in children's - allows you to start them on the eco friendly oral route young. Be prepared...the feeling of clean is... addictive!
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