pH-Pro Test Strip Book - 80 Strips, 80 Test Strips



Expiration: April 16, 2022

These pH test strips provide a simple and accurate method of measuring the pH level of your body. Inside this booklet you will find eighty (80) test strips, clear instructions for testing urine and saliva, and a pH colour chart. pH 5. 5-9. 0.

pH-Pro Test Strip Booklet. Contains 80 test strips (ph 5.5-9.0) and clear instructions on how to test saliva or urine pH levels.

About the Brand: CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd., based in Toronto, Ontario, is an all-Canadian, employee-owned and -operated company that develops and markets premium natural health products. Tanya Salituro, Vice-President and three-time cancer survivor, founded CanPrev in May of 2005 as a response to her search for alternative health solutions and to the perceived need for highly comprehensive, premium quality, natural health products
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