Tooth Polish - Peppermint, 57g



Essential Oxygen's On-Demand Tooth Polish is Step 3 of The Pristine Protocol. This polish offers abrasion-on-demand to get your teeth their pearly whitest while not taking down your enamel in the process. This minty powder empowers You to polish your teeth as You need it because every mouth is different! People with thin enamel can use the Tooth Polish once a week, and wine-loving, coffee-drinking, tartar-prone folks can use it 5 days a week and everyone can enjoy that fresh-from-the-hygienist feeling. Age Group: Adult.

  • As needed

    Calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, bicarbonate soda, MSM, organic peppermint & spearmint oils, myrrh, organic stevia, organic essential oils: wintergreen, cinnamon, lemon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary.

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