Flosspot Refills, 2 x 40 m spools



Expiration: May 1, 2023

KMH Touches Flosspot Biodegradable Pure Silk Dental Floss Refills provide you with two additional spools of their all-natural dental floss. This is a luxurious silk dental floss, lightly waxed with candelilla for strength and ease of use between tight teeth. It is not flavoured to prevent changing any lab results for purity of its silk, which is at least 97% pure. This product contains no plastic and is therefore safe for the environment. 2 x 40 m floss.

  • At least - Once per day, for optimal oral care.

    Pure Silk, candelilla waxed dental floss. A full 40 Metres of Floss per spool.

    About the Brand: FLOSSPOT™- is our first Silk in Glass Dental Floss! The Solution to plastic dental floss - Buy FLOSSPOT™ once and REFILL for life.
    Click to call: (519) 871-8165
    Visit: www.kmhtouches.com

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