Lucuma Powder, 200g

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Lucuma is a South American superfruit with a delicious taste - cross between maple syrup and citrus. It's a source of fibre and potassium as well as a host of other nutrients. Lucuma has been prized for centuries by the indigenous people of Peru. It's a healthy, low-glycemic flavour and natural sweetener.

Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO, RawUse as a healthy sweetenerA source of Fibre and Potassium and a host of AntioxidantsReady to use; Incorporates easily into smoothies and all other recipesA delicious maple-syrup citrus tasteNo fillers, flavours, binders, sweeteners or excipients added

6g per serving

Lucuma PowderCaution: Produced in a facility that packages tree nuts.


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