Organic Tulsi Hibiscus Tea, 20 tea bags

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Tulsi, known more commonly as holy basil is an incredible plant that has many health benefits. From strengthening your immune system, to fighting stress, lowering high blood pressure, and mitigating conditions like diabetes, Tulsi can do it all! But wait, theres more: Tulsi is also commonly used to relieve acne and pimples - what can’t Tulsi do?Coupled with Hibiscus, known to be a relief for those suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Hibiscus is also known to bring relief to digestive tract issues, boost your immune system, as well as have anti-inflammatory properties. It is even know to help cure liver disease and overall reduce the risk of cancer. n other words, this tea will make you unstoppable!

Organic Tulsi and Organic Hibiscus.

Organic Tulsi and Organic Hibiscus

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