Vanilla Almond Bulk Bath Salt, 15lbs



  • 1 scoop

    Epsom Salt, Mineral-enriched Mediterranean Sea Salt, Organic French Grey Salt, Dendritic Salt, Mica, Myroxylon Pereirae (Balsam Peru) Oil, Mentha Arvensis (Cornmint) Leaf Oil, Benzaldehyde (Bitter Almond Oil), Ambrettolide, Natural Fragrance (Non-synthetic scent derived from essential oils and plant extracts)

    About the Brand: Pacha Soap is a manufacturer of high quality organic and natural soap and bath products. Headquartered in Hastings, Nebraska, we are on a mission to implement sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle, to promote health and well-being around the world, and to provide quality products for our customers... all with veracity and love! Through our buy-one, give-one campaigns, you can directly contribute!
    Click to call: (402) 834-0551

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