Super Easymulti 45+ for Men, 60



People use this for:
  • A factor in the maintenance of good health.
  • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • Helps to form red blood cells.
  • Helps normal growth and development.
  • Helps in connective tissue formation.
  • Helps to maintain eyesight, skin, membranes and immune function.
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of night vision.
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.
  • Helps in wound healing.
  • An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.
  • Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Helps to produce and repair connective tissue.
  • Helps to maintain healthy skin.
  • Helps to maintain immune function.
  • Helps to maintain and/or support cardiovascular health.
  • Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

  • Dosage:
    • Take two (2) softgels daily, with a meal, or as otherwise directed by your health care practitioner.
    • Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

      Medicinal Ingredients: 2 softgels contains: Vitamin A (Palmitate) 454 mcg,Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 25 mcg, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 60 mg, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 40 mg, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride) 50 mg, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 50 mg, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 20 mg, Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalmin) 1000 mcg, Pantothenic acid (d-Calcium Pantothenate) 50 mg, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 50 mg, Folate (Folic acid) 400 mcg, Biotin 30 mcg, Calcium (Citrate) 30 mg, Copper (Cupric citrate) 1 mg, Magnesium (Glycinate) 15 mg, Zinc (Citrate) 15 mg, Manganese (Citrate) 3 mg, Chromium (Chromium nicotinate glycinate) 200 mcg, Selenium (HVP Chelate) 100 mcg, Choline (Bitartrate) 15 mg, Inositol (Vegetable source) 15 mg Nutraceuticals Ingredients: CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) 100 mg, Milk Thistle Seed Extract (Silybum marianum), 80% Silymarin 100 mg, Gingko Leaf Extract (Gingko biloba), 24% Flavonoid glycosides 6% Terpene lactones 80 mg, Green Tea Leaf Extract (Camellia sinensis), 50% polyphenols 25 mg, Kelp Whole Plant Powder (Ascophyllum nodosum) 50 mg, Cranberry Fruit Powder (Vaccinium macrocarpon) 50 mg, Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera), 85% proanthocyanidins 20 mg, Hawthorn Berries (Crataegus pinnatifida) 5 mg Omega Oils: Pumpkin Seed Oil (Cucurbita pepo) 600 mg, Fish Oil (18% EPA, 12% DHA) 250 mg, Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract (Serona repens), 85% Fatty acids 50 mg
      Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Sunflower Lecithin, Beeswax, Medium Chain Trigylcerides (from coconut) Softgel Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Chlorophyll

      About the Brand: Established in 1996, Platinum Naturals is an award-winning, Canadian manufacturer and distributor of high quality supplements. Our premium products are made using Omega Suspension Technology™ (OST®), our unique delivery system that suspends active ingredients in healthy omega oils to significantly improve absorption and efficacy. Platinum Naturals products never contain binders, fillers, artificial colours or preservatives. Best of all, our superior level of absorption, potency and sustained release means you’ll feel the difference our products make.
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      Visit: www.platinumnaturals.comProduct reviewed, approved, and licensed by Health Canada on: December 18 2014
      License Holder: Platinum Naturals
      Richmond Hill, Ontario, CanadaCautions and Warnings
      Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if symptoms persist or worsen, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have iron deficiency, are taking medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, are taking blood thinners, have a history of kidney stones, or if you have a liver disorder or develop symptoms of liver trouble. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use to exclude a diagnosis of prostate cancer/or if you have a thyroid condition.

      Do not use if you are taking health products that affect blood coagulation as this may increase the risk of spontaneous bleeding.

      Known Adverse Reactions
      Hypersensitivity, such as allergy, has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use.

      DIN: 80056669

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