Toothbrush - Ultra Soft, 1 ct



  • 0284018Description:
    Multi Value Pack! You Are Buying 2 Packs. Each Pack Contains 6 Units. You Will Receive A Total Package Quantity Of 12 Combined Units Quantity: Bulk Pack Of 2 Packs. Each Pack Contains 6 Units. Multi-Pack Package Quantity 12 Units Description:

    Tbrush,Adult,U-Sft,W/Mai . (In Case Of Confusion On Contents Of This Multi-Pack - Please Email Seller).

    Handle - 100% recycled #5 plastic, Bristles - Nylon

    About the Brand: Recycline was established, first and foremost, to provide high-quality recycled content & recyclable products to our consumers. We strive to make sure that our products introduce a new function - improving upon what is currently offered in the marketplace. Recycline was motivated by the need to stimulate the use of recycled materials to assist community recycling efforts and to help assure the success of our country's recycling efforts. Empty Toothbrush Displays. Contact your New Age Marketing Sales Rep
    Click to call: (888) 354-7296

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