Cream Deodorant - Activ. Charcoal, 50g

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Expiration: January 1, 2023

Concerned about lymph node health and chemicals? This mild yet effective product is for you! Purelygreat Unscented Charcoal Cream Deodorant is a mild effective unscented charcoal deodorant for everyone. It contains activated charcoal powder to help absorb sweat and neutralize odor. This is a natural deodorant for people who want to smell great and feel good about their health, without any scents! Their unscented charcoal deodorant is made out of corn starch, baking soda, glycerin and charcoal powder – there is no aluminum in our cream deodorant!

No scentLong Lasting protectionStain freeOne time per day applicationEco-friendly and recyclable packagingProvides up to 3 months of daily protectionNatural Soda (OMRI™ Listed – for use in organic production)Corn StarchVegetable GlycerineCharcoal PowderEssential oils:None!

  • Daily

    natural soda-sodium Bicarbonate U.S.P., vegetable glycerin, corn starch charcoal powder, Essential oils: NONE

    About the Brand: We put your wellness first. As a family run eco-conscious company, each time you apply Purelygreat’s 100% natural deodorant, you can feel super confident that you are using a product that is: Vegan • Aluminum Free • Triclosan Free • Paraben Free • EWG Verified™ • Cruelty Free Free
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