Lemon Hibiscus Green Rooibos tea, 6x18ct

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  • 4-6 cups a day

    Green Rooibos*(FT), Lemongrass*(FT), Lemon Peel*, Lemon Myrtle*, Hibiscus*(FT), Natural Flavour *Organic Certified

    About the Brand: Delicious, ethical, healthy, and convenient - with its eye-catching packaging, Tega Organic Teas offer unique tea blends with exceptional taste. Manufactured in Vancouver, BC, in a convenient pack of 18 tea bags, Tega Tea is one of Canada's favorite local organic Fairtrade Kosher teas. Plus, every box tells a delightful story! Making a difference by supporting Fairtrade has never tasted this good...
    Click to call: (866) 801-7600
    Visit: www.tegaorganictea.com

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